Apple Event: September 2016

This is my first iPhone launch since leaving Apple, and that’s the only excuse I need to take a guess as to what today’s announcement might feature.

Given the amount of rumours and leaks, I think we’re set for a substantially improved iPhone 7 with no headphone socket — my guess is for reasons of waterproofing more than anything else. In addition to those changes the iPhone 7 plus will feature a dual lens camera plus the improved capabilities and photography it enables. The iPhone 7 plus might even have Apple Pencil support, a feature that I expect to reach all touch screen Apple devices as time goes on.

With the removal of the 3.5mm socket we’re set to see wireless ear buds, perhaps using a custom, Apple-designed chipset to provide better-than-Bluetooth performance. Maybe with a cool name that somehow riffs on the Thunderbolt and Lightning to start a new lineage of wireless transfer protocols.

If laptops are featured — and I’m not sure they will be — then it’ll be with speed bumps due you the latest Intel processors, and a new design including the configurable touch screen OLED bar in place of the row of function keys that has been leaked numerous times.

So, that leaves us with the Apple Watch 2. This is rumoured to feature improved battery life and GPS. What better app to show that off with than the biggest game in the world right now: Pokémon Go? With a revised app the Watch could become your very own Pokémon Go Plus — notifying you when there’s something happening nearby. Game changer. Interestingly the standalone version of the Pokémon Go Plus controller hardware device was delayed from July to September and is iOS-only. I’m sure Apple would much rather feature their own device rather than one from Google/Nintendo.

Well, that was fun!

Less than one hour to go until the #AppleEvent

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