What a FAQ up!

If, like me, you can’t read katakana and hiragana then Japanese games can take a fair bit of deciphering to be able to play and enjoy. I use the Google Translate iOS app and some other tricks (which I’ll save for another post) to translate game menus and text, and have mostly kept notes of my findings.

With my most recent game translation, I realised that I should make more of an effort to share that work so it can help others enjoy these amazing games. So I went through my notes and pulled out several translations of various obscure Japanese games that I’d done in the past for myself. No apologies that they’re mostly golf and hanafuda games—my catnip.

You can find them all at GameFAQs: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/community/msephton/contributions/faqs 

GameFAQs happens to have a fantastic new (to me) editor that makes creating a guide as easy as typing a WordPress or Patreon post. 

Also crazy to see that I submitted my first FAQ in August 1996—some 23 years and almost half a lifetime ago!

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