Music: T&E SOFT “New 3D Golf Simulation” games

I’m a huge fan of the music in T&E SOFT’s “New 3D Golf Simulation” series, so I have spent some time to digitise the music from those games in the series I did not have in my music library. That makes 13 new soundtracks!

  • Devil’s Course (PC-98, 3DO)
  • Eight Lakes G.C. (PC-98, X68000)
  • Harukanaru Augusta (PC-98, X68000)
  • Harukanaru Augusta HD (PC-98)
  • Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 2 (PC-98)
  • Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3 (3DO)
  • Pebble Beach no Hatou (3DO)
  • T&E Selection (PC-98)
  • Waialae no Kiseki (PC-98 + 3DO)

For PC-98 and X68000 I used a Windows app called HOOT to play back the “chip” music and export it as WAV, then I trimmed any loops and added fades, then finally converted to FLAC and MP3.

For 3DO I extracted the filesystem from CD-ROM ISOs, then converted files containing audio into WAV and then FLAC. For AIFF/AIFC files I converted using command line ffmpeg, and for Stream files I used ZStream CHUNKS Reader (version 0.96).

They should make it on to the Video Game Music website soon, but they are available first here. Enjoy!

Comments: @gingerbeardman