Daily Driver: Playable Demo


A made a demo build of Daily Driver. It is based on code a couple weeks old (dated 30 July 2020) so whilst not representative of where I am right now with the game it does show my progress since the last build I shared at the start of June.


  • any combination of d-pad, A/B, Crank
  • d-pad U/D, or A/B = accelerate/brake
  • d-pad L/R, or Crank = steer left/right


  • runs at 60fps on device (50fps in Simulator)
  • pressing Menu twice will reset the current stage layout
  • pressing Menu then Options will load the next stage
  • 19 different stages (all cone layouts in this build)
  • includes level editor!

Debug Keys for game (simulator only):

  • E = open level editor
  • F = toggle fps indicator
  • J = jump!
  • L = list all sprites
  • N = next stage
  • P = play replay data
  • R = print replay data to console
  • T = toggle telemetry
  • U = toggle frame limiter

Controls for editor (simulator only):

  • d-pad = move cursor
  • A = place an object or increment object under the cursor
  • B = toggle precision mode
    • cursor moves in smaller increments (5px vs 20px)
    • drag/move item under cursor
    • A = delete item under cursor

Debug Keys for editor (simulator only):

  • B = new blank stage
  • D = dump stage JSON to console (for copy and pasting)
  • E = exit level editor
  • O = output stage as “m-edited.json” in game Sandbox directory
  • Z = undo (deletes last item placed)