Daily Driver: Happy New Year!

I hope you’re safe and well and wish you a great 2021. I’m back at it, and am confident this year will be the year of Daily Driver and more besides!

Recent work on the game includes improvements to the physics of in-game objects and creation of yet more vehicles and levels.

“The car’s the star”, as they say, so I have sunk untold hours into both the physics and graphics of many different cars to ensure that the depth of control and animation is enough to hold a players interest for the time I hope they will spend with my game. There’s no final vehicle line-up, as often some cars don’t look unique enough after the first rough model is tested in the game. But these two are keepers!

Interestingly, both these vehicles show off one aspect of the game that I’ve not really talked about so far: reference and nods to classic games. Here we can see an RC car (whose antenna wobbles!) that is a nod to games like Re-volt, RC Revenge, Smash Cars, RC de Go!, Excite Truck, RC Pro-Am etc. And the forklift is a nod to Shenmue and the infamous New Yokosuka Harbor District.