AsistantPickle desktop toy for Macintosh

AsistantPickle was a desktop toy by Thoru Yamamoto, released for Macintosh in September 2000, featuring a suite of tiny applications:

  • TinyMemo
  • TinySketch
  • TinyPiano
  • TinyWatch
  • TinySchedule
  • TinyEmail
  • TinyAddress
  • TinyClip
  • TinyTimer
  • TinyAudioCD
  • TinyCalc
  • TinyPrinter
  • TinyLauncher (use the blue arrows)

It can now be downloaded at:

This copy of the previously lost app was found on Japanese Macintosh magazine MacPeople2000 No.22 CD-ROM which was recently acquired for my Macintosh Magazine Media collection.

An informational web site existed at the text of which is archived. Images and additional files also existed but they have sadly not been archived.

Thoru also created PalmPickle a similar suite of apps for PalmOS.

Pickle is probably Thoru’s most well-known character. Pickle’s Book was a masterpiece of interactive media, released for Macintosh in 1994 and available for iPhone and iPad since 2014.

Note: the typo in the title (Asistant) is as it has always been.

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