Playing Hanafuda on Palm OS in a web browser

I recently found out that it’s possible to run Palm OS in a web browser, using which is optimised for use on iPhone and Android, so you can use old Palm apps and run old games and apps on your smart phone!


I play a lot of video game hanafuda and out of all platforms Palm OS has three of the most interesting games. To play these games I carry around either an old Palm OS device (Sony Clié PEG-SL10) or an Android phone (Galaxy Fame Lite S6790) that runs an old Palm OS emulator.

So it’s great news that Palm OS Hanafuda games can now be played easily on modern devices.

Keisuke Mitani's Koi-Koi running on Sony Clié PEG-SL10


We’re going to use CloudPilot to create two Palm OS devices, both running in Japanese, and install the games we want to play. You could create English devices, but there will be issues with some text displayed in the games as they expect Japanese text support.

  1. Sony Clié N700C (Colour, Japanese)
  2. Palm V (Greyscale, Japanese)

You can source alternative Palm OS system files from PalmDB. You might choose to add an English device to run other Palm OS games and apps.

Support files

Download Palm OS Hanafuda games and required support files


Steps to play in Japanese, carry out twice to create one device each of Grey/Colour:

  1. add new device and pick the respective .rom file
  2. go through first launch setup and touch screen calibration
  3. top right button to add the .prc files to device
  4. top left button to reset, normal boot
  5. launch and play the games
  6. switch devices using the Sessions button in the website toolbar


  1. Koi-Koi (1999, by Keisuke Mitani/Palm Boarderz)
  2. Tenohira Hanafuda Kai (2001, by Hiroki Takahashi)
  3. palm Hanafuda (2001, by Oruge/e-frontier)
  4. Catch-A-Bird (2003, by Juergen Bermann)
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