File hash calculator app for macOS

I often need to calculate the hash of a file for verification purposes, to confirm that a download has completed successfully or that an ISO I have dumped from a CD is a correct match with known good dumps.

I couldn’t find a nice easy to use app for this so I put together my own app. Download it here: (version 1.3).



  • Auto clear text field on each operation
  • Finder “Open with…”
  • Select file on first launch
  • Drag and drop after window is open
  • Single or multiple files
  • Accepts many binary file types
  • Resizable window
  • Hold alt/option to only calculate quickest hashes (CRC32, XHH, MD5)
  • Default is to calculate all hash types, including slower hashes (SHA1, SHA256)
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Comments: @gingerbeardman