Credits: MaBoShi (WiiWare)

One of the best (according to MetaCritic, and IMHO) Wii games is a WiiWare game called MaBoShi that is now mostly lost to time in that Nintendo have closed the Wii Shop Channel. Of course, there are other more nefarious means to procure the game, but I’m not going to go into those here.

Anyway, I still play this game regularly (still not managed 1Million on Wii but have on the DS download version) and recently unlocked the Staff Credits (Staff Roll).

Staff Credits


  • Mikito Ichikawa
  • Satoshi Kira


  • Mikito Ichikawa

System Design

  • Mikito Ichikawa

Game Design

  • Kuniaki Watanabe
  • Mikito Ichikawa
  • Jun Shimizu


  • Kotori Yoshimura
  • Tadashi Itō
  • Kuniaki Watanabe
  • Jun Shimizu
  • Mikito Ichikawa


  • Reiko Sato
  • Hiroki Takahashi


  • Toki Kando
  • Takanao Kondo


  • Daisuke Shiiba
  • Johan Krafft

European Localisation

  • Edoardo Dodd
  • Miguel Ángel García Segovia
  • Carsten Harmans
  • Kay Hermann
  • Geraint Howells
  • Sonya Mazet

NOE Localisation Management

  • William Romick


  • DIGITAL Hearts CO. LTD
  • Super Mario Club
  • Shigeo Kimura
  • NOA Product Testing
  • NOE Testing Team

Project Management

  • Hiroshi Sato
  • Toshiharu Izuno

Special Thanks

  • Koji Sato
  • Toru Inage
  • Kenta Tanaka
  • Kozo Makino
  • Rumiko Hoshino

Executive Producer

  • Satoru Iwata

All Rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music and Program reserved by

  • Nintendo
  • Mindware


During a chat with Kuniaki Watanabe by Twitter DMs, he outlined the responsibilities of the team:


  • Kotori Yoshimura (Wii system, Bar game)
  • Mikito Ichikawa (NDS system)
  • Tadashi Ito (Square game)
  • Jun Shimizu (procedural level generator for Bar game)
  • Kuniaki Watanabe (Circle game)

Game Design

  • Kuniaki Watanabe (original game prototypes)
  • Mikito Ichikawa (reconstruct for Wii)

Level Design

  • Mikito Ichikawa (Bar game)
  • Kuniaki Watanabe (Circle game)
  • Jun Shimizu (procedural level generator for Bar game)

Graphic Design

  • Reiko Sato
Originally published: 2020-03-28
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