Daily Driver: Weight Transfer

I’ve been playing old Japanese PlayStation game Touge Max G and besides this having a gymkhana mode similar to aspects of Daily Driver, it also has a realistic handling model. One of the things that struck me about that was how the car rocks back and forth when accelerating and braking/reversing. One of the other games in the Touge series also has a school mode that talks you through this concept of weight transfer. It’s realistic and adds some level of dynamics to the car, making it feel less like a solid block sliding around.


So I’ve added this effect to Daily Driver and will be refining it going forward. I find it breathes extra life into the car just as it does in other games with full 3D physics modelling. It requires 3x the number of car sprites but because I render them from 3D it’s not much extra work and I think it’s well worth the effort.