Two Old Llamasoft iPhone & iPad games

Back in 2017 a large number of games and apps were rendered obsolete when iOS 11 removed 32-bit compatibility. At that time I was still downloading app into iTunes as backups, and seem to have put aside these couple of great Llamasoft games. You should be able to side load them onto any jailbroken iOS device running iOS 10 or earlier.

I’m still hoping for an easy way to play these on modern devices, so let me know if such a thing exists!

Edit, 2021-09-13: I’ve added a cracked/decrypted version of Minotron that should be easier to install on a jailbroken device. There’s an issue decrypting Gridrunner so I’ll have to come back to that one at a later date, though you might be able to install it using AppSync Unified. See this blog post for more info: /2021/09/13/playing-old-32-bit-ios-games-in-2021/ 

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Comments: @gingerbeardman