Samurai Mech

Samurai Mech サムライ・メック preserved!

I’ve been digging up old Macintosh games, and this search has rested in the website for the classic Japanese game #samuraimechcoming back online after over a decade! Thanks Ritsuko! ( ( Samurai Mech サムライ・メック is a Japanese sci-fi RPGs set in a future-medieval-space Japan. You assume the role of the eponymous Samurai Mech over the course of 40h of exploration/battle/puzzle gameplay.

You can practice your swordsmanship at the dojo, and upgrade your Samurai Mech suit with parts obtained through winning battles. The first game has a whole city to explore whilst you solve a mystery around a group of ninjas.

In the sequel サムライ・メックII・天 you are a bounty hunter in an archipelago colony at the edge of the universe. An ancient castle, an amusement park, an adult ballroom and a giant corporation. New scenario, freedom, mech system, combat, and colour/mono graphics!

Here isSaumrai Mech running on my 1992 Macintosh Classic, using System 7.1.0 with Japanese Language Kit installed.

Partial Staff Roll for Samurai Mech

Yukito Morikawa (森川幸人)
Shūji Nomaguchi (野間口修二)
[Star Odyssey, Jumping Flash series, Astronōka]

Akihiko Miura (三浦明彦)
[Otocky, Bombliss, Pokémon series]

Minoru Mukaiya (向谷実)
[Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2/3, Samurai Warriors 2]

Samurai Mech II adds the following notable Staff:

Hitomi Amakawa (天川ひとみ)
Shigenori Miyamoto (宮本茂則)
[Jumping Flash series, Astronōka]

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