Kamisuki (Woman Combing her Hair)

Woman Combing her Hair (Portrait of Kodaira Tomi) original by Hashiguchi Goyô, 1920. This work-in-progress by me, 2020–date. First in my 1-bit Woodblocks series.


My process involves both modern software (custom image processing tool & custom build of a Macintosh emulator) and old technology (1992 Macintosh Classic & period Wacom ArtPad II tablet, Deneba UltraPaint, Dave Theurer’s DeBabelizer) it’s such a zen experience.

This piece will be for sale as a print very soon.


A little more about the back story of this piece. I was inspired by @SusanKare’s interpretation of Goyo’s “Woman Combing her Hair” drawn on the original Macintosh, featured as part of its launch, and later on the MacPaint packaging.

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