Turning a Twitter Thread into a Blog Post

Sometimes after posting to Twitter I’ll decide that I should really archive the information as a blog post. For single tweets that’s as easy (or difficult) as copying the text and images and publishing. For Twitter threads, it could be a lot more complicated. With a bit of lateral thinking I’ve found an easy way to do it.

  1. Get the URL to a post in the thread
  2. Unroll the thread using threadreaderapp.com
  3. Open the web inspector
  4. Highlight the element that contains the content (the one with data-controller="mentions")
  5. Right click, and choose Copy > HTML
  6. Paste the HTML into this Markdown converter
  7. Copy the Markdown
  8. Paste into your blogging system

The conversion from HTML to Markdown cleans or sanitises the content making for a straightforward paste into most blogging software.

Optional post-processing

  • You might want to repoint all embedded images from Twitter to locally-hosted copies
  • Some images in long threads might be lazy loaded, so you’ll need to fix those
  • Check and reinstate any embedded video iframes
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Comments: @gingerbeardman