Usajong gaiden ore ga kirifuda! (Game Soundtrack Rip)

I recently played through COMPILE’s うさ雀外伝 俺が切り札! “Usajong gaiden ore ga kirifuda!” (a ninja-themed Hanafuda Koi-Koi game for PC-98 featured on Disc Station Vol. 10) and took the liberty of recording its great soundtrack as I went along.


Soundtrack download

Track listing:

  1. Logo (SFX) 00:02
  2. Intro 03:00
  3. Start (SFX) 00:06
  4. World Ninja Atlas 03:06
  5. Deal (SFX) 00:10
  6. Normal Round 03:07
  7. Final Round 03:05
  8. Chime (SFX) 00:02
  9. Scores (SFX) 00:06
  10. Lose (SFX) 00:05
  11. Win (SFX) 00:03
  12. Ending 01:51

How to play the game

I’m going to recommend using RetroArch to play this:

  1. download RetroArch
  2. download a zip of the game
  3. download PC-98 System files
  4. start RetroArch
  5. system files will need to go into RetroArch System folder, check Settings > Directory > System/BIOS and move them there
  6. download PC-98 core: Main Menu > Online Updater > Core Downloader > NEC PC-98 (Neko project II Kai)
  7. start the game: Main Menu > Load Content > (choose game zip) > Load > NEC PC-98

You can play the game using mouse, though I used the right analog stick and a single button of a game controller…have fun!


Some interesting things about this game:

  • a draw results in the round being replayed
  • koi-koi increases your “level-up” which counts along a sword, pretty cool visualisation
  • your score doesn’t double if you finish a round after the opponent calls koi-koi
  • I can’t see any way to check the current score, so i memorise it as i go
  • if you lose to an opponent you can simply try again by choosing them from the map screen
  • it has a cool soundtrack!
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