Japanese music recommendations (2023)

In April 2023, after I’d been listening to a bit of Japanese music during the last stretch of making the game Sparrow Solitaire for Playdate, Apple Music started recommending me Japanese music in the weekly #NewMusicMix playlists. Every week I post my favourite track to social media, keeping the best of each week as curated playlists. You can follow me on Apple Music @mattsephton.

So I thought it would be nice to make a summary playlist of the best of the best! It consists of the tracks I’ve listened to the most, with a couple of other favourites thrown in to help perfect the running order: 18 tracks with a duration of 1h18m46s.

Song Artist Release Time
Closer ROTH BART BARON 8 3:37
All Sunlight Must Fade Half Mile Beach Club Glare - EP 5:33
The Magic of Creation Bitei Matsuki THE MAGICAL TOUCH 3:09
Bloom Low Fu Links 4:16
Distraction Girl Yuzame Radio Distraction Girl - Single 4:15
Halo Aaanna Japanese Special Follow Your Heart - EP 2:46
Caution Odd Donuts Caution - Single 4:10
Train II Clute Loomie 4:53
i&i&i Thiiird Place i&i&i - Single 4:05
Ame ga Sekai o Nadete MUSEMENT Song Pavilion 4:36
Anshin to Manshin Shima Hitachi Anshin to Manshin - Single 4:55
A world of nothingness Nathalie Wise Nathalie Wise - EP 3:43
empty South Penguin empty - Single 3:42
2010 Nariaki Komatsu 2010 - Single 4:20
Hanagumori CHIAKI SATO Hanagumori - Single 4:03
Porch Asami Tono House - EP 4:43
shira-shira-ake AOKI & hayato yoake 5:21
Some steps under the sky sphontik wave wave wave 6:40


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