My most popular posts of 2023

2023 was a year where I feel my blogging really hit its stride.

I’ve spent most of the year trying to comprehend 2022’s traumatic events, the lingering impact of which continues to affect me daily. Positive outcomes are that it gave me a little more time to write, and I developed some small games that might not have existed otherwise. And one of those, YOYOZO, has received a Game Of The Year accolade!

How many posts?

According to Google Analytics, my 10 most popular posts in 2023 were (most popular first):

Best of the rest

My personal favourites from the year (most recent first):

Blog changelog

  • Fixed site search issue which meant some blog posts were being skipped (22 Dec)
  • Added Google search link if there are no site search results (1 Dec)
  • Added site search to further improve discoverability (27 Aug)
  • Added tag cloud to improve discoverability (12 Aug)

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